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About Us

The Overclockers Melbourne Stance
We here at Overclockers Melbourne aim to provide Melbourne and International viewers with Melbourne technology news, and reviews on available products with locations for your average Australian to purchase those products from. We also aim to provide the wider community with unbiased views of this hardware in an attempt to inform the reader about the particular product. All reviews on this site are personal logical summaries of the ability of the product under review's capability to do the task it is set, and the quality of the products produced result.

We feel that here in Australia, and furthermore Melbourne, computer users are in some ways from the world as far as availability of cutting edge hardware, and that something had to be done about this. This is where we come in. 90% of the products reviewed on this site are will be either available for purchase within Melbourne, or available for purchase from suppliers which have speedy delivery methods. If a product reviewed is not available for hasty purchase/delivery, then we will do all in our power to change this so that a local supplier/store will stock this item.

There has been talk about an OC-Melbourne Store opennining soon. Let me just say that this claim is currently only an idea, and depending on the growth of the site may or may not happen. Its up to you, the reader, to decide whether this site is worthy of your visit and in turn your business, so therefore, there will be a time period in which the growth/development of the site will be closely monitored, and the figures obtained will aid in the decision of whether or not to open an online Overclocking store right here in Melbourne. This would further assist Melbournians in obtaining otherwise locally unobtainable items.

Sponsoring Overclockers Melbourne
As the main goal of Overclockers Melbourne is to provide comprehensive product reviews, we are always looking for more products to include in our lineup. If your company has a product you would like reviewed, contact me on to arrange a review. In return for the review, we generally keep review hardware, which may in turn be used in further reviews (credit will be given to the supplier in each review in which the product is used). If requested by the supplier, review samples can be returned, but this is at the cost of the supplier, and unless arrangements are made prior to us receiving the products for review, products will not be returned. Furthermore, Overclockers Melbourne takes no resposibility for any products that may be damaged during the review process. Finally, sending a product does not guarantee a positive review, as all items are reviewed fairly in an unbiased manner.

If you agree to the above conditions, and would like your product reviewed on Overclockers Melbourne, send me an email on to arrange a reveiw.

I thank you for your time in reading this quick "about us" and hope that this site can grow into everything you want it to be.

Hughesey & SileNceR.

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