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  • Aopen KF45A Midi Tower Case
  • DTK ATX Midi Tower Case
  • Skyhawk Jupiter Aluminium Case
  • Topower B030 Midi ATX Server Case
  • Silverstone Temjin Series TJ08 mATX Case

  • Cooling
  • Arctic Silver 3 / Thermal Compound Roundup
  • Socket-A Cooler Roundup September 2001
  • Spire Whisper Rock IV Socket A Cooler

    Display Adaptors
  • ASUS v6800 Deluxe Geforce 256 DDR

  • Input Devices
  • BTC 5110S Wireless (IR) Keyboard
  • Ortek Eagletouch MCK-90 Mini Silver USB Keyboard with USB Hub

  • Miscellaneous
  • AcePCModz 120mm Mid-Tower Case Window Kit
  • CPUfx DTS440 Blue Anodised Shim
  • MouseSkatez
  • Topower TOP-420P4 ATX Power Supply

  • DFI NB70-SC (Intel 845)
  • Gigabyte 8SIML (SIS650)

  • Monitors
  • Philips 107p10 17" Flatscreen CRT (1920x1440)

  • Networking
  • Nexland Pro 400 Internet Security Box/Router
  • Ricoh PCI-PCMCIA Adaptor

  • PC-Audio
  • Logitech Z-560 4.1 Speaker System

  • Software/Games
  • LIUtilities WinBackup
  • XFce Window Manager for *nix

  • More reviews added regularly.

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