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AMD to focus only on retail box processors?

Article Date: 26th June 2002
Written By: Clinton "SileNceR" Warburton

The Rumour

AMD retail AthlonXP*

Source & Information According to the sales team from a anonymous computer parts retailer, AMD Australia (or perhaps even worldwide) appear to now be focusing exclusively on Retail Boxed processors, (including packaging, a HSF, and a domed case badge - more ) for their Athlon XP and Duron range, rather than their OEM range which many overclockers are used to purchasing. This is similar to the way Intel Corporation currently sell their Celeron, Pentium 3, Pentium4, and Xeon processor ranges. This poses a slight problem for people such as us - because of the bundled HSF, prices are pushed up ~$15 or more, and since many of us already have ~$100 heatsinks such as Alpha PAL8045's and Swiftech models, this heatsink is most likely to end up in the bin or on a shelf somewhere.

Effects on Processor Market While this new development may mean that AMD processors cost a little more; the processors still have the superior bang for the buck when it comes to comparison with Intel Corp.'s Pentium IV range of processors.

Supporting Evidence Looking on Scorpion Technology's website under the CPU section you can see a distinct lack of OEM processors, as is the same with the AusPc Market website. Many other Australian parts retailers and wholesalers are showing the same information.

Speculation Some speculation on the reasons for this move may be that AMD has decided to change their warranty methods - considering that OEM processor warranty is currently worked off the reciept, a sticker over the processors L1 bridges, and a 1 year period. The Retail boxes contain a certificate of authenticity, and a 3 year warranty. (as pictured above). This would appear to make it easier for AMD to control the methods used to assure warranty is carried out properly, giving them much finer control - we have had word from both AMD and Retailers in the past informing us as to returns caused by failed overclocking etc.

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