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Philips 107P10 Professional Monitor
Review Date:10th August 2001
Reviewed By: Clinton "SileNceR" Warburton
Product: Philips 107p10 Monitor
Rating: 9.5/10
Manufacturer: Philips Electronics


The specs for the Philips 107P10 can be seen below:

Technical Specifications  

Size (inch/cm)

Deflection angle (degrees) 90º
Grille pitch 0.25mm
-Tube type Arperture Grille, Flat, High Contrast, Anti Glare, Anti Static, Anti Reflection, Light Transmission 42%
Phosphor B22
Recom. display area(mm) 306 x 230 mm
Recom. display area(inch) 12.0" x 9.0"
Max. display area(mm) 325 x 244 mm
Max. display area(inch) 12.8" x 9.6"
Horizontal scanning 30 - 96 KHz
Vertical scanning 50-160 Hz
Video dot rate 234 MHz
Input impedance  
-Video 75 Ohm
-Sync 2.2k Ohm
Input signal levels 0.7 Vpp
Sync input signal

Sperate sync
Composite sync

Sync polarities Positive and negative
White color temperature  
Chromaticity CIE coordinates:  
-at 9300 K: x=0.283, y=0.297
-at 6500 K: x=0.313, y=0.329
-at 5500 K: x=0.332, y=0.347
Resolution and preset modes  
Max. resolution 1920 x 1440
Recom. resolution 1024x768
16 user definable modes  
35 factory preset modes:  
  H.freq (kHz)/V.freq (Hz)
640 x 350 31.5K/70; 37.9K/85
640 x 480 31.5K/60; 27.9K/72; 37.5K/75;
43.3K/85; 50.6K/100
720 x 400 31.5K/70; 37.9K/85
800 x 600 37.9K/60; 48.1K/72; 46.9K/75; 53.7K/85; 63.9K/100
832 x 624 49.7K/75
1024 x 768 48.4K/60; 56.5K/70; 60.0K/75;
1152 x 864 67.5K/75; 77K/85
1152 x 870 68.7K/75
1152 x 960 71.8K/76
1280 x 960 60.0K/60; 85.9K/85
1280 x 1024 64.0K/60; 80.0K/75; 91.1K/85
1600 x 1200 75.0K/60; 81.3K/65; 87.5K/70;
1792 x 1344 83.6K/60
1856 x 1392 86.3K/60
1920 x 1440 90.0K/60
(Italics = More common resolutions)  

Plug and play compatibility

DDC 1/2B  
Microsoft Windows compat.  
Power management  
Complies with EPA Energy Star and NUTEK specifications  
Operation (typ.) 92 W
Suspend/Stand By mode (typ.) < 11 W
Off mode/ Deep Sleep < 2.4 W
Low-emission characteristics  
Complies with MPR-II and TCO '99 specifications  
Monitor controls & functions  
Main 5-button OSD
Brightness +/- direct access
Contrast +/- direct access
Input selection direct access
On Screen Display Language (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian), zoom, horizontal, vertical, pincushion, balanced, trapezoid, parallelogram, color, reset, degauss, moire, serial number, resolution, frequency, Input selection
CustoMax© via SB Adjustments, test patters, on screen help

Connections and Cables

-Video 15-pin D-Shell / 5 BNC
-USB upstream port
Cables Video, Power and USB
Regulatory approvals  
TCO '99  
MPR-II Low Emission  
TüV/GS, TüV-Ergo  
SEMKO, Poland-B sign, C-Tick  

Physical specifications

Dim. incl. base (WHD)(mm) 399 x 410 x 419
Dim. incl. base (WHD)(inch) 15.7" x 16.1" x 16.5"
Dim. excl. base (WHD)(mm) 399 x 373 x 419
Dim. excl. base (WHD)(inch) 15.7" x 14.7" x 16.5"
Weight (kg) 19 kg
Power supply 90 - 264 VAC, 50/60Hz
Temperature (operational) 0ºC to +35ºC/ 32º to 95ºF
Temperature (storage) -25ºC to +65ºC/ -13º to 149ºF
Relative humidity 5% to 95%
MTBF (excl. CRT) >75,000 H
USB Hub option type PCUH411
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