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AcePCModz 120mm Mid-tower Case Window Kit
Review Date:20th January 2002
Reviewed By: Clinton "SileNceR" Warburton
Product: AcePCModz 120mm Mid-tower Case Window Kit
Rating: 65%
Manufacturer: AcePCModz

If you haven't been living under a rock or in a cell for the last 2 or so years, you will have noticed the new craze associated with modifying what was once only a boring beige box - your computers chassis or case.

Among many of the modifications performed - few stand out above the next mod more than a case window and a Neon light.

Case windows are usually made up of plexiglass - often with rounded edges and either moulding or some other method of attachment to the case side. Installation usually entails the removal of some metal from the case side to create a home for the window.

There are some variants on this idea - those that believe looks and functionality can work together - these people have created such windows as those with case/system fan blowholes cut in the window. This often occurs because they have had to remove existing blowholes to put the window in, or because prime blowhole locations are taken up by the best "viewing area" for the window to reside.

Soon after the case modding craze hit the technology world online modding stores began to spring to life - people selling pre-modded cases, case fans and grills, window and neon light kits. These stores, often starting small by your average overclocker and gamer, quickly grew into flourishing business as the art of case modding came into popularity.

Indeed - with the popularity of modding today it is hard to walk into a sizeable LAN and not see at least one if not more modded cases - almost as many cases are modded as there are high pitched whines from delta black label cooling fans. It is especially so since; in my situation my own case mods follow me to LAN's :).

Today we have in our labs and under the microscope a window kit from a new company known as AcePCModz. The window kit we have received has been cut to size to fit the average mid tower case, has thick black rubber moulding and a locking strip, along with a pre-cut hole for a 120mm fan fitted out with chrome edging and a chrome fan grill.

The kit is supplied as shown in the following photo:

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