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Aopen KF45 Case w/ 250W PSU
Review Date: 15th March 2002
Reviewed By: Clinton "SileNceR" Warburton
Product: Aopen KF45A Case w/ 250W PSU
Rating: 68%
Manufacturer: Aopen
Purchased from: Scorpion Technology


For many of you, your computer, it's case, and the modifications you have performed are items of pride. However, there comes a time for many when you begin to build another computer, upgrade your system, or run out of space inside your case. The case I am looking at today is probably not suitable for those of you who have run out of space, however for those of you upgrading from an AT machine with a limited budget or those of you building a second computer or server this case may just be what you are after.

Today we look at AOpen's KF45a Computer Housing.

As boring as it is, I guess we should jump straight into the specifications section. As is normal, these specs are as taken straight from the AOpen site:

Key Features
  • ATX/microATX/flexATX Mid-tower Housing
  • High expansion capacity -7 slots and 6 drive bays
  • Bend-in edges ensure safe assembly and installation
  • Smart slide-in back bracket with no screws needed
  • Compact design saves space
  • Support 300/250W(ATX) safety power supply
  • P4 ready
  • Complies with FCC Class B, DoC,and CE
  • Sliding-in/out side covers that make assembly easier
  • Housing Material: Metal
  • Housing Type: Mid-tower
  • Main Board Size: ATX/microATX
  • Disk Drive Bays: 5.25" x 3/0, 3.5" x 2/1 (external/internal)
  • Dimensions: 17.32"(D) x 7.64"(W) x 16.77"(H) / 440mm(D)x194mm(W)x426mm(H)
  • Power Supply: 300/250W ATX high efficiency, UL/CSA/FCC only or CE/DoC/C'tick certified
  • Ventilation: Air vents with 8cm optional 2nd DC fan
  • Packing Style: Single or bulk packing
  • Net Weight: 15.24  lbs. / 6.9 kg
    Gross Weight: 17.78 lbs. / 8.0 kg
    Volume: 2.1 cu. ft.

The case we are looking at is not the P4 ready version, as it wasn't purchased for use with a Pentium 4 system. The one we purchased cost* $75 and the P4 ready version weighs in $10 dearer, at $85. Both come standard with a PSU rated 250W, the only difference being that the P4 ready version comes with a P4 suitable PSU.

*Prices as from Scorpion Technology Computers Pty. Ltd.

Ok, lets proceed to the next page where we will take a look at the case itself.

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