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Arctic Silver 3 Review

Review Date:5th March 2002
Reviewed By: Jarrod "sKuLLsHoT" Mast
Product: Arctic Silver 3
Rating: 95%
Manufacturer: Arctic Silver

The Test Methodology

We tested the P4 system at stock speeds and the Duron 600 was overclocked to 933 with a voltage upped to 1.8v for the hell of it. We measured idle temperatures by booting the system and leaving it at the desktop for ~25 minutes to ensure a flat minimum reading. Full temps were recorded by crunching some United Devices data for half an hour. This gave us a semi-flat reading for each max temperature. We also timed "to-the-minute" how long it took each test to reach its maximum temperature, this we felt was an important part of the test. (note the Duron was only tested with DSE goop and AS3)

The Results

Idle and Full load temperatures


Time taken to reach maximum temperature.

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