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Skyhawk Jupiter Aluminum Case

Review Date: 8th December 2002
Reviewed By: Michael "Hughesey" Hughes
Product: Skyhawk Jupiter Aluminum Case
Rating: 95%
Manufacturer: Skyhawk
EYO Technologies


Back in the days when PC's were used as number crunchers, and PC gamers were still stuck in the second dimension, good old beige cases were more than enough for most users. As computers became more powerful, however, so did the games that were run on them, and the amount of multiplayer games began to grow exponentially. Enter the LAN Party, a social gathering of computer users and gamers alike for the purpose of enjoying such multiplayer games, in their fastest form, over a LAN.

But just fragging your friends silly isn't enough these days, LAN gamers need to feel special, they need to stand out from the crowd. Enter case modding. Not all gamers, however, have the time, or patience that is required for case modding. This is where the skyhawk aluminum range come into the picture, and today, more specifically, the Skyhawk Jupiter aluminum case.

Continue for a perspective on the case's externals.

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