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Logitech Z-560 Speaker System
Review Date: 10th May 2002
Reviewed By: Leigh "Grim Reaper" Gardiner
Product: Logitech Z-560 Speaker System
Rating: 92%
Manufacturer: Logitech


With PC Games becoming more sophisticated, and the multimedia side of PC's expanding by the second, high quality speakers are required to get the most out of your daily gaming/Pc multimedia experience. Surround sound, digital processing, big subwoofers, and ultimate sound quality are now becoming more and more in fashion, effectively signalling the end to the days of the "Stereo PC Speakers". Whether you buy a surround sound system in order to hear every footstep in your favourite FPS game, or whether you like to hear every bullet whiz past your head in your favourite action DVD, before you buy, you need to make sure that what you buy is what your looking for, else you'll be left wishing you'd spent those extra few hours researching your decision. For me, I wasnt about to make any light decisions.

For almost 4 years now, I'd been stuck with 2 big old stereo speakers, which had AC adapters built into them, causing major interference with my smaller monitor speakers. I decided it was time for something new. Something that I would'nt need to upgrade in a long time.

So began my research process. I went around looking and asking everybody what they recommend as a good set of speakers, that give a clear, crisp sound, and comprised of at least 4 speakers and a subwoofer. Now like most of you out there, I'm a bass lover. I love to hear every thump of the beat. This would be something that I had to take into account when choosing my speakers. After a while, and quiet a few suggestions from people with similar PC-Sound setup's, I narrowed my decision down to the Klipsch ProMedia 4.1ís, Logitech Z-560ís, and the Altec Lansing ADA890ís.

A few days later, and many near purchases, I finally decided on the Logitech Z-560's due to many opinions in their favour.

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