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Nexland Pro 400 Internet Security Box / Router

Article Date: 17th August 2002
Written By: Michael "Hughesey" Hughes
Product: Nexland Pro 400 Internet Security Box / Router
Rating: 95%
Manufacturer: Nexland
Supplier: Nexland


With Internet speeds in Australia increasing by the day (albeit limits also increasing by the day), it is becoming more and more popular to share the one household broadband connection between all the residents in the given household. If you have a bit of operating system know-how, this can be achieved by using a 486/Pentium class machine, and setting up software Internet sharing. If, however, your not that adept at tweaking operating systems, then such methods can be very time consuming to set up, very frustrating to fix when they go wrong, and also insecure if the proper security measures aren't put in place.

This is where routers make their appearance. Aimed at a wide market, from PC novices to PC experts, most modern routers have the ease of setup greatly needed by novices as well as and extremely fulfilling feature set to impress even the most experienced PC enthusiast.

The item we are looking at today is the "Pro 400 Internet Security Box / Router" from Nexland Inc.

Nexland is based in Miami Florida, with branch offices in Europe, Canada and Korea. Offering products to companies and private purchasers online, Nexland also caters for the OEM market, providing its technology onto its internet security parters worldwide. While they arent as well known as other manufactuers such as Netgear or Linksys, their product really does speak for itself.

Read on for the specifications.

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