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Topower TOP-420P4 420W ATX Power Supply

Review Date: 27th October 2002
Reviewed By: Michael "Hughesey" Hughes
Product: Topower TOP-420P4 420W ATX Power Supply
Rating: 95%
Manufacturer: Topower Computers
Supplier: EYO Technologies


What features could one possibly want in a power supply you ask? Well anything and everything according to Topower!


The first thing that catches your eye when looking at this power supply is the amount of effort Topower have taken to make this unit look good. Apart from its sleek black colour, Topower have included three (read THREE) 80mm clear bladed fans! I was almost expecting them to light up blue when I turned the PSU on, but alas, clear goodness will have to do. These fans don't just look cool either, they actually keep this puppy nice and breezy and help with the cases airflow by extracting hot air from the case. Also worth noting is the fact that Topower have chosen to use grills for their fan protection as opposed to the 'holes/grates drilled into the back' approach of some cheaper more generic bands units.

Next up is the cabling. As we can see, Topower have surrounded the ATX Power cable in a nice black mesh sheathing, preventing the wires from going astray. Since this ATX Power cable is generally the only cable that becomes a real problem as far as airflow around the processor is concerned, I think this an excellent move on Topowers behalf. Not only that, it looks cool too :).


Above we can see the power connectors that this PSU carries. It has ten molex connectors and 2 floppy connectors, which is enough to power just about every device you could plug into a PC without needing a 2 way adaptor! It also has the standard P4 power connectors, the AUX connector primarily found on P4 server mainboards, and the ATX12v connector which is used for providing the CPU with a separate stable power source.

As a final touch, Topower have even included a free 3-pin to molex fan adaptor, allowing to plug your fan, which would otherwise blow your mainboard header, safely into the PSU, albeit with the loss of RPM monitoring.

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