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Topower B030 Midi ATX Server Case

Review Date: 23rd October 2002
Reviewed By: Michael "Hughesey" Hughes
Product: Topower B030 Midi ATX Server Case
Rating: 93%
Manufacturer: Topower Computers
Supplier: EYO Technologies

The Case (Internals)

Upon opening the case, we can see that there is more than ample room for practically any type of motherboard, as well as plenty of room for all those lovely raided 120gb hard drives that every LAN'er dreams of :). We can also see that Topower had system temperatures in mind when designing this case, as there are some very well placed fan mounts in this system.

The fan holders shown above are located in ideal spots as far as system cooling is concerned. The fan on the side of the case allows fresh air to be drawn into the case over the video card and PCI cards. The fans in the back allow air to be drawn out of the case from the CPU area, which is arguably the largest heat generator within a common PC. Finally, the fan on the right hand side is located directly next to the 3 hidden 3.5" drive bays, generally where hard drives are installed, thus cooling any fast SCSI/other drives you may have in there while also drawing cool air into the case.

The case features a removable motherboard tray, in order to make installation of a new motherboard a sinch. The motherboard tray is held in by a simple screwless latch, which may sound flimsy, but it is extremely strong, allowing for the motherboard tray to be removed in a matter of seconds.

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