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ASUS v6800 Geforce256 DDR Deluxe Review
By Michael "Hughesey" Hughes


Asus have long been in the industry of video cards, and have been pumping out their custom designed cards for many years. For most chipsets they base thier cards on, they usually release a standard model, and a deluxe model which includes tv-out and many other little goodies. We have recently purchased a V6800 Deluxe (DDR Geforce 256) card, and after viewing many other reviews of this same item, believe that it is definately worth its cost.

In todays computer gaming world, if you intend to have the 'latest and greatest' components for your computer, then you will be purchasing new components almost weekly. Although the V6800 Deluxe has only been available for approximately 8 months, it has already been superceeded by the all-mighty Geforce 2 GTS and the Geforce 2 GTS Ultra, both boasting hefty increases in Core/Memory speeds as well as chipset archatecture.

With all the background details behind us, lets go take a look at exactly what we get with the V6800 Deluxe...


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