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Reviving the Ball Mouse
By Jarrod "sKuLLsHoT" Mast


Basically what you will need is a mouse (duh), some isopropyl alcohol or something like that, that cleans and disappears (which is the head cleaning fluid in the picture, you can obtain it from any place that has DIY stuff for electrical dudes, like Dick Smith or something), a cotton bud or two, and also something thin and metallic, like a butter knife, or a nail file (metal), or a pin (something to scrape the rollers in the mouse). It would be good also to have a tiny little bit of electronics grade grease, but most of us don't so I won't mention it anymore.

For a "Radiator Top-up" we would need only a cotton bud, the butter knife/nail file, and a little alcohol. All we do is pop the ball-retainer and ball out of the mouse first. Then, give the cotton bud a little dip in the alcohol (don't need much at all really) and take to the rollers with it and clean any sediment off of the vertical and horizontal rollers, as well as the tensioning wheel/roller. Take care not to put excessive pressure on the tensioning roller as you may warp the spring and this will adversely affect your mousing, and that's not what we're trying to do ;o)

If you come accross some stubborn grit on the rollers, this is what the nailfile/knife is for, use it to scrape any of that interfering crap off.

Once you have done that, while the rollers are drying you can try and clean the ball from your mouse if you want, with a little rag and some more alcomohol.

Pop it all back together (ball first, then ball-retainer if you were wondering) and mouse away.


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