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MouseSkatez(tm) - Review
By Clinton "SileNceR"Warburton

Many of you may have already heard about the great new innovation which is known as MouseSkatez(tm). MouseSkatez(tm) appears to be owned or assisted by Everglide(tm) producers of the great Everglide(tm) Attack Pads which I am sure you already know of.

MouseSkatez(tm) was kind enough to send us a sample of their cool new product. This review will let you know our opinion of their product.

Upon getting the envelope in the mail with its cool little "Mouse Skatez" logo on it, I was a bit annoyed to find that water had somehow seeped onto the envelope somewhere in transit from Texas in the US to Victoria in Australia. Hopefully this water didnt effect the quality of the MouseSkatez I recieved.

Using my trusty Microsoft Intellimouse Optical had been becoming a noisy experience, using it without a mousepad at LAN's and at home, on various different surfaces etc had worn down the plastic slip pads on all four feet. I really noticed how bad it was when I ordered a new one for a system I was buiding for someone at the time. The brand new mouse was silent, and slid easily. In fact, it slid better than easily.

Click to Enlarge Image
One damn well used IntelliMouse Optical

I think most mice probably wear down with the amount of use mine has had, if it was a ball mouse I'd probably have gone through multiple mice in the time I've had this one. I use it probably 6 hours a day on weekdays and 12 hours a day on weekends, even more at lans, and Counter-Strike and Q3a give it a regular beating.

The slipperyness of the mouse as it was was about 3/4 of that of the new mouse, and it made a scratching noise which sounded and felt like it had dirt under the feet.

So, on to the MouseSkatez(tm).

MouseSkatez comes with everything needed to install minus scissors and the mouse itself (and maybe sharp fingernails) :)

Click to Enlarge Image
The MouseSkatez

MouseSkatez(tm) comes with the following:
-2x MouseSkatez 10cm Super slippery tape
-1x Alchohol Swab
-1x Instructions

Click to Enlarge Image
The Kit

Since it is pretty straight forward (and the sheet of paper that comes with it tells you how to do it step by step), I will just post pictures of the various steps of installing the MouseSkatez (Aren't I lazy...)

Click to Enlarge Image
Step 1, One Foot Done

Click to Enlarge Image
Step 2, Two Feet!

Click to Enlarge Image
Step 3, The last two steps done at once :)

Hmm there is the installation finished, now onto seeing how it all works now :)

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