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MouseSkatez(tm) - Review
By Clinton "SileNceR"Warburton


MouseSkatez are amazing, Instantly after turning my mouse back over and beginning to use it I could feel and hear the difference. It was almost like having a new mouse. Instinctivly I grabbed for the new intellimouse next to me to compare. Wait a minute! This is BETTER than having a new mouse! MouseSkatez(tm) are unf***ing real!!!

Into Counter-Strike I go :) Again the MouseSkatez proved themselves as an excellent addition to my (not so good) CS'ing skills. It makes it so much easier to aim (Headshots galore here I come!) than it normally would be, It is now far easier to track enemies and circle while shooting at a target without looking like you have a severe case of lag (it IS just the mouse after all!). Needless to say I liked the MouseSkatez(tm) :)

Click to Enlarge Image
The Mouse all happy and SMOOOOOTH.

This product would have to be (IMHO) one of the best innovations in a long time for your mouse, and is something I will be (and have been) reccommending to all my friends and aquaintences. One thing I did note was the fact that the MouseSkatez packaging states that there is enough there to do TWO mice, I myself wasn't left with much tape over, but I guess it depends on the type of mouse you use, and the size of its feet... Lookin back at my mouse I (probably) could have made my peices smaller on each foot, but I still don't think there would be enough to do two mice. I think this is kind of a bad thing since quite a lot of the targetted users of the product use Microsoft Intellimouse Optical and Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer Mice. This is however, my only rant.

OC Melbourne Gives MouseSkatez a perfect 10/10. An excellent innovation and a great concept for a product.

OC Melbourne would like to thank David Dotson, Creator of MouseSkatez(tm) for creating this great product, and for supplying us with our review sample.

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