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Nexland Pro 400 Internet Security Box / Router

Article Date: 17th August 2002
Written By: Michael "Hughesey" Hughes
Product: Nexland Pro 400 Internet Security Box / Router
Rating: 95%
Manufacturer: Nexland
Supplier: Nexland


Built in 10/100 Switch
The built in switch allows for up to 4 computers to be directly connected, or up to a total of 253 computers using daisy chained hubs. Such a setup would be ideal for situations where speed isn't extremely important (since having daisy chained hubs causes significant slowdowns), but still allowing a secure connection to the Internet.

Fail-safe Connection
This unit has a serial port, located in the front of the unit, for use with an ISDN or an analogue connection such as a standard 56k modem.. The purpose of such a connection is that if your primary connection were to go down, the unit seamlessly switches to your backup connection, allowing for constant net access. This feature is not found on many of its competitors similarly priced products, and it is a feature that would be extremely welcome in the business sector where downtime is not an option.

This serial port also allows you to perform some configuration changes within the router, using the included null modem cable. This is also a welcomed feature since this way you don't have to change your network setup in order to be able to access the web based setup.

VPN Tunneling Support
The Pro400, along with other popular routers, provides excellent VPN tunneling support. The unit automatically detects any IPSec connections, and configures them appropriately, hence, along with the appropriate VPN client/server software, unlimited IPSec VPN tunnels are possible! (Included with the unit is a 10 license copy of Symantec's VPN client "RaptorMobile").

NAPT Firewall
Integrated into the unit is an exceptionally secure NAPT Firewall. Configurable from the web interface (as will be shown on the next page), the firewall protects the networked computers, as well as providing all the necessary functionality.

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