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The $17.61 intelly-I Mouse Project
Article Date:30th January 2002
Article By: Jarrod "sKuLLsHoT" Mast
Rating: 70%
Manufacturer: OfficeOne, Dick Smith Electronics, and sKuLLsHoT :)

This little article basically illustrates the methods which I used to make a funky looking mouse in a very ghetto-style el-cheapo way.

I came up with this idea just sitting here at my computer staring at my cheap 'ol funky mouse, and as I was thinking about how much cooler a IntelliEYE Explorer will look in its place, I got thinking, how cool that mouse would look if it was to say..glow!

· AU$10.00 - 1x OfficeOne Coloured Translucent PS/2 Ball Mouse
· AU$06.95 - 1x High Bright Blue LED (or other preferred colour)
· AU$00.12 - 1x 100 ohm Resistor (roughly, to bring the 5v down closer to 3v for LED, unless u get a higher tolerance LED) ::corrected by gareth 'cerberos' pye - the resistor actually brings down the current, not voltage, my apologies ;)
· AU$00.01 - 2x Short strips of insulated wire (Solid core or Multi-strand)
· AU$00.10 - 1x Short Length of Solder
· AU$01.50 - 1x Insulation Tape
TOTAL: AU$17.61

Other tools you might need:
- Soldering Iron (duh)
- Pliers (to hold hot stuff)
- Side cutters (to cut wire stuff)
- Sandpaper (to give inner surface a more white finish, Optional)

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